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Department of History

What is History? The historians from a long time have been trying to seek answer to this question. Like E.H. carr says “History is an unending dialogue between past and present”. The other historian Henery pirene says “History is the story of deeds and achievements of men living in societies”. To quote G.M. Tnevelyan “This is the story in its unchanging part”.

The word ‘History’ was first time used by renowned Greek Historian in his book ‘Historica’. For him history is based on research and discovery.

All of us are aware that if we want to study present this can be done only on the basis of past. Thus history is the backbone of all social sciences to important to learn basic social sciences to understand the complexities involve in relationship of people in the modern era of globalization history enlightens us with past experience of living and presents the lesson for future. As the history is the story of deeds and achievements of men living in the societies, students have a vast scope of learning and studying the human heritage.

With the establishment of this college Dept. of history also come into existence in 1982. Presently nearly 350 students out of 550 students have opted history. This subject is offered as elective subject at U.G. level. There is semester system at U.G. level. In B.A Ist year (History of India from earliest Times to 1526) is covered in two semesters in B.A. II year history of India from 1526 to 1964 which covers the Mughal and British period is being taught in next two semesters. In B.A III History of modern world up to 1945 is divided into two papers medium of instruction is Hindi/English. Teaching is done with the help of maps to have the good knowledge of geography. India, Europe and world maps are shown and practiced during practical period. Maps are shown through charts, globe and LCD projector. Library has sufficient number of reference books. The dept organizes educational tours, inter class quiz, personal counseling academic tips to students is given to make teaching history is interesting maximum use of literature of the period is made .As G.M travel writes “history and literature are twin sisters inseparable”.

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