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Functional English

The importance of English as a spoken language began as a result of the colonial era, When European powers took to the seas in order to find new lands and natural resources. The influence of English grew stronger in the 20th century, with the increased mobility of populations. Functional English is an effective Subject in the field if communication skills in English. Communication is the conveying information. Communication Skills and spoken English is a complete and accessible source for anyone .who wishes to communicate better in English. Knowing English and being able to speak,  write and read it well can help you succeed in business and a wider base of experiences available to you. English is spoken by the majority of recognized democracies in the world, so knowing English played a great   role in political freedom in some countries when people can learn and get information in English and from English.-speaking countries, they see how people live and function in other parts of the world than is sometimes conveyed in a native language or culture other than is sometimes conveyed in a native language or culture other than ones based in English.       
Our college started functional English as course in 2007.Presently 60 students are enrolled in this course. There is certificate course4, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in this course. Teaching is done with the help of Computers. A special lab is there for Functional English students. There are forty computers in this lab. Four Hundred books for effective English are also available in the lab for students. Academic and personal counseling is given programmes for of learning English for students Lectures from ‘BULLS-EYE’ institute are conducted by our college for effective spoken English and personality development lectures from GALAXY GLOBAL are also very effective for our students.

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